Slowtimers Internet Chess Club

Guidlines for the group

   The Slowtimers group is designed for those who are 'MATURE IN SPIRIT' and who prefer long time controls such as 60 30, 45 45 or 90 30

   I started this group because I thought it would be a good idea to have chess opponents  with whom you could arrange games and tournaments. Picking opponents at random with a seek can be fine but I found often I would run into characters who were less than gentlemen. My censor list began to grow rapidly. I would get abusive comments, disconnecting in losing positions, repeated requests for aborts and draws in losing positions. I felt that by creating a group with a limited number of members the membership could get good games with people they could, for the most part, trust. Also, it could lead to some  nice international friendships. 
    So far, my experience has been nothing but positive. I have played and watched many enjoyable games, met many wonderful people from all over the world and enjoyed friendly competitions.  I know this  is also true for many our members. All of us can benefit by membership in such an organization.

   In starting the group, I also wanted to keep it as informal as possible. Most of us have spent our lives as citizens and members of work groups living with millions of rules and regulations. Here is a place where we can escape from this as much as possible. The game of chess has enough intrinsic rules without creating more.  We love to play chess, but let’s not have it regulated with a myriad of rules. Furthermore, it seems to me that the voyage is the important part. It is not whether we win this game or that competition even though winning is exhilarating and sometimes losing can be bitter. To paraphrase MaxII: “To play a chess game is as much an artistic experience as a competition.”

   So, the goal of the Slowtimers is to keep it simple, create lasting friendships, play great games, enjoy friendly competition, act kindly towards one another and, now and then, create a game that you can consider “A Masterpiece.”

Here are the only rules for the Slowtimers group:


  • Good manners and sportsmanship are crucial. No abuse of any kind will be accepted!
  • When you are contacted by your opponent you should respond promptly even if it is to say that you cannot or will not play that game. The Slowtimers group is built on gentlemanly conduct with consideration for all the members.
  • To make sure you get your messages, I would suggest you have your icc messages emailed to you. The command is: "set messmail 1". This will help to make sure you know who has contacted you.
  • If you have tried to contact your opponent with no result then notify either MaxII or myself (reijo) and we will take it from there.

  •  In the competition pages you can see the  time schedule for the games. The schedules given per round are to be considered as guidelines only. You can play your games in any order  you wish providing you can make an agreement with your opponent. So, if you wish, you can play round 4 first and round 1 last if it suits you and your opponent.
  • Games not played will remain on the schedule until the end. At the start of the last round, an email will go out to remind those who have not completed their games to do so as soon as they can. At that time a final deadline for completion of all games will be given. When the deadline arrives all unplayed games will be removed with no penalty. The winner of the tournament will be determined at that time.

President's message

July  24th, 2008

Max is back after being super busy at work. He was unable to keep the
Slowtimers site up to date.

Here is the plan now:
We are going to delete all running tournaments and start fresh soon
with the Humble Pawn Tournament.
It will take Max a while to get all up to date and I will let you know
on here when that happens.

There will be no bulk email notices sent out. I had some real problems
with virus doing that. All it takes is one address on my list to have
a virus and it causes serious problems. I was getting thousands of
returned emails supposedly from me. The virus goes into the address
book and sends emails as if they came from that person.

So, you can check the Yahoo site often or change your preferences to
receive all posts as emails. If you don't know how to do that then let
me know and I can change your preferences for you.
All results will still be posted on Max's Slowtimers site @

I will keep you up to date on happenings.
Mike (reijo)

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Skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. We Slowtimers strongly recommend that our members download this program so we can talk to each other. Here is the link: 

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